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Our typical fees for preparing plans for a home extension are...

  • Small/Medium single storey rear or side extension
    (Planning permission not required, Building Regulations required)
    £500.00 - £800.00
  • Medium/Large single storey rear or side extension
    (Planning permission and Building Regulations required)
    Starting at £800.00
  • Two storey rear or side extension
    (Planning permission and Building Regulations required)
    Starting at £900.00
  • *These example fees are for the preparation of plans. Additional fees may be required in regards to submission and handling of planning applications, building regulations applications, etc.

    Fees are for guidance only and actual fees may vary depending on your property type and the complexity of the development

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Property extensions

Home extensions in Bridlington, East Yorkshire & the surrounding area

House extensions are a very popular type of house alteration as they allow you to add extra room and value to your property.

We can work with you to create an extension to your home that's functional and attractive.

We work with many clients in the Bridlington, East Yorkshire area and further afield to create extensions for kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, conservatories etc.

We're experienced in preparing plans for both single storey extensions and two storey extensions.

What happens when you contract RDCS Ltd to prepare your plans for a home extension

After discussing the basics on the phone or by email we'll arrange to visit your property to undertake a measured survey, and discuss your requirements for the extension.

Next we'll prepare an 'as existing' plan of your property and from that we'll prepare a draft 'as proposed' scheme. We'll send the draft to you via post or email for your consideration, usually within 2-3 weeks of our visit.

If there's any changes you would like to make to the draft scheme you can mark these on to the plan or contact us to discuss. We'll then update the plan with your changes and send you a revised copy.

Once we've agreed on the proposed scheme and you're happy to proceed, we will go ahead with submitting your planning application to your Local Authority - if planning is required (more details below) or if it's not required we'll move on to the Building Regulations stage where we complete the plan with notes and extra details required under the Building Regulations. .

Planning applications for home extensions

Some home extensions require planning approval, depending on the scale and position of the extension. When we undertake our meeting/survey of your property we'll tell you whether we believe planning permission will be required for your proposed extension.

Planning applications usually take 8 weeks consideration from the Local Authority before they issue their notice of decision.

Commercial extensions

Extensions to commercial buildings such as shops, industrial units and offices, have to comply with different rules to residential extensions.

We'll work with you to design a functional and cost effective extension to your commercial property.

Most commercial extensions will require planning permission from the Local Authority before works can commence. Planning applications generally take 8 weeks consideration from the Council before they issue their decision.

You will also need Building Control approval for your commercial extension, and we can prepare detailed drawings and structural calculations that comply with the Building Regulations.

Building Control Officers will inspect the works whilst in progress and will issue a certificate upon completion to confirm that the works have been built in compliance with the regulations.

We work closely with a local Building Control company to ensure our detailed drawings are in compliance with the current Building Regulations and our technicians stay up to date on the latest changes to the regulations.

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We prepare plans for extensions in our surrounding area including: