Loft conversions

Plans for loft conversions in Bridlington, East Yorkshire & the surrounding area

Loft conversions are an extremely popular type of house alteration as they allow you to add extra rooms to your property and add extra value.

Loft conversions are most commonly used to add bedrooms and bathrooms to a home, but loft conversions can also be used as offices, games rooms and living rooms.

We work with many clients in the Bridlington, East Yorkshire area and further afield to create loft conversions for their homes.

Planning applications for loft conversions

Most loft conversions do not require planning permission from the Local Authority, however some do. This depends on the scale and position of the loft and your property.

When we undertake our meeting/survey of your property we'll tell you whether we believe planning permission will be required for your proposed loft conversion.

If planning permission is required, applications usually take 8 weeks consideration from the Local Authority before they issue their notice of decision.

You will need Building Control approval for your loft conversion and we can prepare detailed loft conversion drawings and structural calculations that comply with the Building Regulations.

Dormer windows

If your loft is already converted or is spacious enough to turn in to an extra room, we can provide plans for the addition of dormer windows to your loft. Dormer windows add extra room and light to your loft area and can also add value to your property.

We'll work with you to design a functional and cost effective dormer window design for your property.

Most dormer window additions will not require planning approval but building regulations approval will be required. We'll let you know at our survey/meeting whether or not we believe planning will be needed.

Building Control Officers will inspect your loft conversion whilst the building works are in progress and will issue a certificate upon completion to confirm that the works have been built in compliance with the regulations.

We work closely with a local Building Control company to ensure our detailed loft conversion drawings are in compliance with the current Building Regulations and our technicians stay up to date on the latest changes to the regulations.

Email us to discuss your proposed loft conversion or telephone 01262 228 183

We prepare plans for loft conversions in our surrounding area including: