Plan drawing and agent services for your property development
- how the process works...

1. The inital consultation and survey

When you contract us to provide your building consultancy services we will initially discuss the project requirements with you and arrange a suitable date and time to come and survey your property.

For residential projects, surveys usually take 1-2 hours.

Our surveying staff will measure the dimensions of each room of the property (we may not need to measure the entire property if the development involves just one floor) and take photographs of each elevation (front, rear and sides) as well as photographs of the interior.

2. After the survey

Once the property survey is completed and we're back in the office, we will begin preparing the 'as existing' plan of your property.

Once that's ready, we can then start to add the details of the proposed works and generate your 'as proposed' plan, which includes a full floor layout of the proposal, elevation plans and a 'section' plan.

3. 'First draft' plan for your consideration

Once the first draft plan is prepared, we will send the 'as proposed' plan to you for your approval before we move on to the next stage. (At this point we will usually send an invoice for services rendered to date.)

If the draft scheme that we've sent you is satisfactory we can then continue with the next stage - submitting your plans for Planning permission and/or Building Regulations approval.

If you want to make any changes to the proposed scheme at this stage, we will ask that you pencil them on to the plan we have sent you or you can contact us to discuss the changes, and we'll get to work implementing the amendments on the plan before sending you a copy of the revised plan for your consideration.

3. Planning and Building Control submissions

At the time of the survey (or prior to the survey) we will be able to tell whether or not we believe your proposal will require Planning permission from your Local Authority.

If Planning permission is required, we will prepare an application and submit it to your Local Authority on your behalf. Planning applications usually take 8 weeks consideration by the Council before they issue their decision. Find out more about planning and building regulations.

Building Regulations approval is required on most projects.

We submit our Building Control plans to local Approved Inspector Yorkshire Building Control for checking. Building Control also inspect the works in progress and issue a 'Final Certificate' upon satisfactory completion of the works.

4. Commencement of your building work

Once the plans have been approved and all the details agreed, you are then able to obtain quotes from building contractors and get the works progressed on site.

We're happy to provide copies of plans for builder pricing and/or additional copies for use on site.

Generally we provide up to a maximum of 10 copies within our standard pricing, and further copies are charged at £4.00 per print (A1).

Email us to discuss your CAD drawing building project requirements or telephone us on 01262 228 183